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Jeff Thal

Offers Instruction in Drums, Percussion, and Studio Engineering.

If you’ve ever watched That Metal Show, then you’ve heard Jeff Thal.  Back in the 90’s, Jeff was in a band called Bumblefoot with his brother Ron Thal.  Shortly after the group disbanded, Jeff’s brother took the name Bumblefoot as his own and went on to replace Slash in Guns n’ Roses.  Jeff continued to play and tour with various bands until finally deciding to settle down (a little) in Sarasota.  He has been playing for over 30 years and has taught his trade for over 20.

These days you can see Jeff playing locally with Lisa Ridings and Soul Cool and he pops up often as a guest star with many local groups.  He also provides drum tracks for out of state bands through his own studio.  He has done tracks for Neal Schon (Journey) and Oz Fox (Stryper).  He also recently completed an album with international recording act Her Chariot Awaits, featuring Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob.  Check out a demo video from Jeff below and the latest video from Her Chariot Awaits.  

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